Location: 1906-1908 Chicon Street–Austin, Travis County, Texas

For over seventy (70) years, The Children’s Haven Association (TCHA) has provided increased opportunity to underprivileged children and families within the East Austin community of Travis County, Texas. The organization has provided financial and hands-on support to foster care, children’s day care, neighborhood food distribution agencies, and other unassociated charitable entities that exhibited a dedication towards needy children and their families. TCHA organized officially as a non-profit entity in 1967 and received its 501(c)3 designation on January 30, 1967, led by board member Virgil Lott, the first African American graduate of the University of Texas School of Law.

The Children’s Haven Association operates primarily out of a 2400+ square foot facility now located at 1908 Chicon Street in the heart of East Austin’s Blackland Community. The original building and nearly .3 acre of land were acquired in the 1950’s. The board dedicated the acquisition to the service of TCHA’s targeted population of disadvantaged and historically underserved persons. Over the years, The Children’s Haven Association has sometimes leased or donated its facilities as part of a programming/partnership design with such entities as the City of Austin (neighborhood center for food pantry and commodities distribution facility), Travis County Health (administration of health services and vaccinations as the Rosewood Medical Clinic), Safe Haven Child Development Corporation (early childhood education and day care/after school care program for poverty-stricken children). TCHA’s current program partner/tenant is Austin Threads, a non-profit that provides free new clothing and accessories to referred at-risk, foster, and homeless youth.

Helping Non-profits In Need

From its early days, The Children’s Haven Association (TCHA) has assisted disadvantaged individuals and families in marginalized communities within Travis County and surrounding districts; however, recognizing the vastness of need, TCHA also supports other non-profit groups that provide similarly targeted service. Examples of non-profits that have benefitted financially or otherwise from the generosity of The Children’s Haven Association include:

Ebenezer Child
Development Center


Sickle Cell Association of
Texas Marc Thomas Foundation


Austin American-Statesman
Seasons For Caring


Douglass Club of Austin
108 year old


Following the flood devastation of Hurricane Harvey, The Children’s Haven Association contributed both funding and volunteer hours to Houston area non-profits that provided recovery efforts.

A Community Model

The Children’s Haven Association – historically poor people helping poorer people, disadvantaged helping even needier – has contributed nearly $100,000 and countless hours of undocumented volunteer services towards helping its struggling segregated community. The need continues, and TCHA is expanding its concerns to address mental health needs generated by the mirages of integration and progress and stresses within the broadened, diversified community – displacement and gentrification, physical health concerns, loss of life skills and increase of unrealized potential, lowered self-esteem, increased unemployability, economic illiteracy and disempowerment.


TCHA President Alfred D Dotson Sr. & Douglas Club Officers

Our Cause

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we are able to change lives of those we serve. Donate now to be a part of that change.