“The Kitchen Table Program”

an extension of our historical mission to provide opportunity for disadvantaged peoples and communities.

The Kitchen Table Menu

The Kitchen Table Menu of Services includes onsite workshops, seminars and life skills clinics, as well as scheduled pop-up presentations, research and dissemination of literature regarding available resources, addressing the following identified issues.

  • Nutrition Education and Gardening
  • Mental and Physical Wellness
  • Job Preparation/Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy
  • Vision beyond – Resource Hub

“The Kitchen Table Program” provides a community hub for addressing needs of disadvantaged, youth, families, and senior adults. It is being sponsored by an organization that has a history of compassion and response to those needs, by providing a safe and inviting venue for dissemination of ideas and services to and among displaced populations.

Projects of The Kitchen Table Program include the following:

The garden project – building and planting onsite gardens and conducting workshops on gardening for youth and community residents who are provided beginning utensils and instruction for home gardening. The garden project also conducts onsite and offsite workshops with community adult organizations.
Construction of an onsite kitchen/meeting/dining facility for daily cooking demonstration, programing, and assistance to served populaces. Adult cooking classes will be scheduled that include instruction on preparation, nutrition and inclusion of health benefits of modifying the African American traditional diet.
As a community resource, CHA compiles literature and a list of service organizations for referral.
Small business start-up assistance and financial literacy workshops.
Life-skill classes – table manners, cooking classes, Recipe exchanges, and ethics of dress and presentation, in addition to the foregoing.
Think tank meetings of organization reps to identify additional youth for services, including assistance with college and/or job search.
Assisting services to the foster care, homeless youth, and other at-risk populations by support of Austin Threads and other mission compatible organizations.
Fitness workshops.


Our Cause

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